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Ingenta: Home

What is Ingenta?

Ingenta lets you access full-text online articles that the Clemson Libraries do not own. 

The Libraries have an account to pay for these articles for you.

Ingenta has limited coverage and a price cap, but if your article is in there, you can download it in minutes.


  • Articles that cost more than $52 cannot be ordered.*
  • Articles in journals owned by the library cannot be ordered.*
  • Not every article can be faxed or displayed.

*In special cases, these restrictions can be overridden. Contact Acquisitions at (864) 656-5175 or email us.

Before Using Ingenta

Check the library catalog and the eJournals list for the journal or magazine you need.

First-Time Users

  1. The first time you use Ingenta, you must register and create an Ingenta username and password (Personal Registration). The fields marked with asterisks are required and cannot be left blank.
  2. Use your Clemson username and password to access account details
  3. Return to Ingenta and select Payment details under "My Account" to enter that information
  4. Use Browse by Publication or use the Search box to find your article.

Most articles will be available immediately as PDFs. Occasionally, an article has to be faxed.  You can designate any fax number to which you have access. Cooper Library does not have fax machines available to the public. 

Visit Ingenta

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Clemson username and password required if you are off campus.

Interlibrary Loan

If an article is not available

  • from Ingenta,
  • in print in the library, or
  • electronically

Clemson students, faculty, and staff may request it through Interlibrary Loan.